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John Lobb Philip 2

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This is a pair of Phillip 2, the flagship model of John Lobb, the King of shoes, with an old logo and excellent leather. The shoes have been worn a lot, but that's why they have this aura. The heels have been replaced and half rubbers have been applied. The shoes have been repaired from the inside and also the little finger part has been repaired from the inside, which shows that the previous owner took good care of them.

The sole of the sole (the inner sole that the foot rides on) is hardened and has a few cracks. There is no major problem to wear, but if you are concerned about it, you may want to add a thin piece of leather. There are also slight scratches on the toes of both feet and on the outside of the right foot. These scratches are not noticeable, but if you are nervous about them, please refrain from wearing these shoes.

Material: Calf
Country of manufacture: England
Accessories: Genuine tree / Box available

with E / Total length of sole 29.5cm / Ball joint 10.5cm / Stacked height of heel (from the ground) 3cm

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