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Sneaker Care Eraser

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This is a sneaker eraser exclusively for sneakers from "SIGNATURE," a full care brand for sneakers born independently from MAKE SENSE. It is very easy to use, just rub the eraser on the sole as if erasing a letter. It is an excellent eraser that easily removes stains. It can also be used for stains on the uppers of white shoes, making sneaker care much more comfortable with just this one product. It is also ideal for removing stains from suede and other raised materials, so it is a reassuring item to have in the house.

Tips on how to use
Since it removes stains well, a lot of eraser shavings come out, so it is easy to clean up after use if you put newspaper or the like underneath. Please give it a try.

Country of manufacture: Japan

2cm x 2cm x 2cm

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