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Crockett & Jones / Perforated Cap Toe

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Crockett & Jones is a long-established luxury shoe store founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett in Northampton, England. In the past, Crockett & Jones had a long history as an OEM manufacturer of shoes for many famous brands, but when it stopped making shoes for John Lobb, it began to sell shoes under its own name, leading to the current Crockett & Jones. Recently, the brand has become popular among a wide range of people because James Bond, 007's favorite character, uses the brand. It is also said that they were originally used in the movie because Daniel Craig originally loved wearing Crockett shoes.

Now, this pair is a punched cap toe, a special order item from Trading Post. They are regular line shoes, but the leather is very good and has a wonderful luster. The sole is a Vibram half-lathe, and the heel is a Vibram half-lathe. The soles have Vibram half rubber soles and toe steel, so they are perfect for heavy-duty wear. The heels do not need to be replaced yet, so they will be delivered as is. There are a few gaps in the pile, but I don't think they will be a problem for use. The toes have lost some of their black color and have a gray tinge to them due to being polished. This gives the shoes an antique look and feel. There is a vertical scratch on the inside of the left foot. I would love to see this pair put into immediate use.

The insoles have been worn to a certain degree, so the logo on the insoles has almost completely disappeared. The left foot has a scratch on the inner side of the calf. The actuality that the actual shoes are not only a great deal more expensive, but they are also a lot more comfortable to wear. The most important thing to remember is that the shoes are made of calfskin.

Material: calf
Country of manufacture: England
Accessories: box bag

with E / Total length of sole 30cm / Ball joint 11cm / Stacked height of heel (from the ground) 2.2cm

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