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Alden / Plain toe derby

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Alden plain toe. These are so-called plantation soles, which are a combination of crepe sole and toe leather. The sole is thick but soft, so you can wear them as if they were sneakers. The upper is a stamped brown color as shown in the photo, and has the look of THE American shoes, with an everlasting coolness. There is no noticeable pain overall, but there is a thin stain on the toe of the left foot. There are also numerous brown stains on the left half-sock (insole). The insoles are clean and not too worn. The part number starts with 4D, so they were probably manufactured in April 2004.

The only damaged areas are the stains on the left toe and numerous stains on the left insole. Other than that, there are no defects in the product and it is a shoe that should be worn hard.

Material: calf
Country of manufacture: USA
Accessories: box bag

With D / Total length of sole 30cm / Ball joint 11cm / Stacked height of heel (from the ground) 3cm

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