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Pig Hair Brush

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Edoya x Brift H

Hand-planted brush by the long-established Edoya.
The handle is made to Brift H specifications.

This brush is used for applying emulsifying cream.
After spreading the cream by hand, Brift H uses this brush to further spread and apply the cream to the entire shoe. The taut pig bristles are ideal for vigorously applying the cream, which is very important for leather.

The brush should be used for each color of cream.
(e.g.) Black cream -> Black brush, Brown cream -> Brown brush
Brown cream → brush for brown

A brush and brush specialty store that has been in business for about 300 years since the Edo period (1603-1868). In addition to shoe brushes, they offer a wide variety of brushes for clothes, cleaning, etc. They have reliable, careful techniques and high quality.
Brift H's shoe polishing would not be possible without Edoya's brushes.

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Material Brush part: white pig hair Handle: beech
Country of origin Japan

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