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Edoya x Brift H

Shoe brush hand-planted by the long-established Edoya.
The handle is made to Brift H specifications.

The bristles are made of very soft goat hair, which is also used for cosmetic brushes. This softness is the secret to beautiful luster and mirror finish. It is also an essential item for maintaining the polished luster.

The bristles are made to Brift H's special order, with glue placed in each pore to prevent the bristles from falling out, and the strings that tie the bristles together are made stronger than normal ones.

The goat hair brush can be used in two ways.

1] To make them shiny.
Brushing before and after wearing shoes removes dust and adds luster. It is also effective when the shine of mirror polish becomes cloudy. Even if you only use shoe cream to care for your shoes, it will bring back the moist luster.

2】 Finishing of shoe polish
Used in the last step of the mirror polish process.
Brushing with 1 or 2 drops of water on the brush will further enhance the shine and improve the overall luster of the shoes.
If you use shoe cream only, you can also use it as the last step to add luster to your shoes.

*We also offer hand wraps that can be used to quickly dispense the appropriate amount of water.

*It is not necessary to use a goat hair brush for each color of shoes like a pig hair brush. However, please note that if you continue to use the same brush for black or brown shoes and use it for white, beige, or other light-colored shoes, the color may become muddy.

A brush and brush specialty store that has been in business for about 300 years since the Edo period (1603-1868). In addition to shoe brushes, they offer a wide variety of brushes for clothes, cleaning, etc., with reliable and careful techniques and high quality.
Brift H's shoe polishing would not be possible without Edoya's shoe brushes.

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*Please note that there are individual differences in the texture of the logo plate.

Material Brush part: goat hair Handle: beech
Country of origin Japan

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