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Latex cream for leather.
Contains waxes for shine and deep penetrating oils. Can be used on all surface leathers. It has a citrus scent, but it also has an ammonia smell. The ammonia smell will disappear after about 10 minutes after application.

<Cautions for use
This product can be used not only on shoes, but also on bags, wallets, furniture, etc. Our leather countertops are polished with this flageolet, and you will be surprised at the very elegant luster it gives.

Capacity: 100ml

What do you really need?"
TAPIR is a German brand that pursues what is really necessary for leather to polish precious shoes, and produces products using reliable natural materials.

*About stock
Please note that the product may be out of stock due to a time lag because it is also sold in our store. Please understand in advance.

Material Honey wax, carnabar wax, jojoba oil, balsam turpentine oil, orange turpentine oil, vegetable stearin, ammonia, water
Country of origin Germany

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