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TAPIR oil for leather soles. In caring for your shoes, we recommend that you nourish not only the uppers but also the soles.
The oil makes the leather of the sole more flexible, and the vinegar in the oil helps prevent the formation of mold.
TAPIR's oil has a nice citrus scent of natural ingredients.

We recommend using a sponge brush (sold separately) when applying the oil.

The frequency of use should be about once every 2.3 months. If too much is applied, the leather may become too soft and the sole may expand. The amount of oil applied at one time should be just enough to soak the entire sole and darken the color of the leather.

Capacity: 100ml

What do you really need?
TAPIR is a German brand that pursues what is really necessary for leather to polish precious shoes, and produces products using reliable natural materials.

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Material Flaxseed oil, orange/trepin oil, vinegar
Country of origin Germany

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