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Special Edition] The Book of Shoeshine - Limited to 200 copies.

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The book is limited to 200 copies, 100 each of "Black" and "Burgundy", made of luxurious genuine leather. This special edition was produced in the hope that the book will be passed down to posterity and will remain on the shelves of secondhand bookstores for 100 years to come.

The special edition will be delivered in a paper case with letterpress printing. The last page of the book is numbered with the lot number. Please note that the lot number is not selectable.

The contents of the book are the same as those of the regular "Shoe Shine Book". The contents of the book are as follows

This is the second edition of "The Book of Shoeshine," a milestone book on shoeshine, which was published in 2016 and has sold a total of 50,000 copies and gone into its 12th printing.

This book is like a book of five rings that summarizes all of Yuya Hasegawa's philosophies and techniques on shoeshine up to now. Starting from the first chapter that examines not only the technique but also the necessity of shoe polish, interviews with shoe-shine craftsmen who are active all over the world, and a page on various leather shoe problems with Dr. Takarayama of the Tokyo Metropolitan Leather Technology Center, the book is full of knowledge other than shoe polish techniques.
The book also includes a 70-page technical section on shoe polish for smooth leather shoes. It is so detailed that it would be impossible to go into more detail than that.
You can't learn this in a video content. The book is designed to be a practical book that can only be learned from a book, so we have included full-size photos of the amount of cream to be taken. We also explain shoe polishing in every possible way, such as tracing the strokes on the paper to help you learn how to move your hand, and a page showing a white shoe being polished with the area to be waxed visualized.

We are confident that there will never be another book on shoeshine. We hope that all shoe-shine lovers will read this book.

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Please note that the lot number is not selectable.

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