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MAKE SENSE × DRESSSSEN special order shoe tote bag

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MAKE SENSE × DRESSSEN special order shoe tote bag

The apron brand "DRESSSSEN", created by food coordinator Junichi Goto, uses thick canvas that becomes more durable as it is used more and more, and the apron is simple but full of attention to detail. This time, MAKE SENSE has specially ordered this apron. DRESSSEN has become famous as the brand of the apron worn by Yui Aragaki in the TBS drama "Escape Ga Shame ga Hakubutsuyu" (Running Away but Being Useful).

MAKE SENSE is our newly started shoe repair brand. As the name suggests, we propose "reasonable" repairs." We operate in front of JR Otsuka station with the motto "SMART, SIMPLE, CLEAN".
The specially ordered shoe tote bag is designed to hold two pairs of men's shoes and four pairs of women's shoes. The tote bag is shoe-friendly so that shoes do not collide with each other inside the bag.
The divider can be removed so that the bag can be used not only for carrying shoes but also for everyday use." The positive message "MAKE YOU SMILE" is large and fashionable and is recommended as a tote bag.
The material used is thick 100% cotton canvas, so you can enjoy the aging process as it gets better with repeated use and washing. The raw material is also washable, which is great for those who are concerned about stains.

This is a gem of a product made by craftsmen in downtown Tokyo, one by one.

Size: W24cm x H30cm

*About the stock
Because the product is also sold at the store, it may become out of stock due to a time lag. Please understand it beforehand.

Material 100% cotton
Country of origin Japan

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