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Flat string (white)

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Flat shoelaces. (The width is about 3 to 4 mm, and may vary slightly depending on the lot.)
Waxed, so they go well with dress shoes. The white color also goes well with sneakers.

Changing the laces is also recommended when you want to change your mood, as the impression of your shoes can be changed just by changing the laces.

We have a metal clasp at the end of the laces, so please choose from among five different colors.
The color you select refers to the color of the clasp.

Color of clasp: 2nd image, from left to right
Black, antique silver, silver, antique gold, gold, pink gold

The color of the metal clasp at the end of the string in the first and third images is antique silver.

Please note that the metal part at the tip of the string may lose some of its plating when it is tightened.
When replacing the string, we recommend that you measure the original length before purchasing.
If you would like a length other than the set length, please let us know your desired length in the remarks column on the payment screen.
We can make it in any cm under 100 cm.
Example: "Please make the round string black x black 75 cm that I ordered into 77 cm.
If you would like to order more than 100 cm, we will accept it for an additional charge of 550 yen (tax included). (*Please be sure to specify the desired length.)

*Please note that it may take some time to prepare.
About the inventory
Please note that it may take some time to prepare the product. Please understand in advance.

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