Information about the "Summer Leather Care Fair

Summer Campaigns will be held at all Brift H stores! This event is only available this time of year, so please stop by your nearest Brift H location.

Has summer ever been this hot in Japan? I am sure that the ladies and gentlemen reading this are enjoying their fashion even in such weather.

However, casual wear is on the rise, and the danger of guerrilla downpours is also present, so the opportunity to use leather goods is a little lessened.

That is why Brift H stores are running a summer campaign to promote the custom that "the time to maintain your leather goods is when you don't use them"!

"Summer Leather Care Fair "
July 19 (Wed) - August 30 (Wed)
10% off special price
- Sandal care (10% off pumps price)
Half rubber lining
- Back care Each size
- Wallets, belts, etc. Care of small leather goods
・Leather jackets
*Special coloring and repairs will be quoted on request.
Brift H Aoyama, Brift H Sapporo, THE SHOESHINE & BAR Toranomon

Sandals, which are used during the hot summer season, can be worn for a long time with maintenance and repair. Sandal polishing is performed to maintain even the insoles that directly touch the feet.

Although sandals have an image of being more expendable than leather shoes, well-made sandals can be repeatedly repaired and used just like leather shoes by lining them with rubber.

We also offer the same careful treatment for items other than leather shoes, such as bags. We often hear from our customers that they are concerned about the frayed corners of their bags, wallets, and other leather goods, but they leave them as they are. Brift H's technology will fix such maintenance naturally, so please don't worry.

It is also a good time to do maintenance on leather jackets that are not used much until the fall. We will clean the entire jacket and nourish it according to the material, so you can wear it right away at the start of the season.

For this "Summer Leather Care Fair," we are offering a special price of 10% off for a limited time only. This is a great opportunity to revitalize your leather goods that you have been storing away.

We look forward to seeing you at our store.

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