This month's must-buy: 3 different kits!

We will release a kit containing a bag of selected items to fulfill the "if only I had this" wish. Three types of kits are introduced at once, including an original drawstring for easy carrying and storage!

The kit is designed for those who "don't know which tools to get to take care of these shoes."
"I want to get a little care kit as a gift."
"I want a simple kit that I can use on a business trip or vacation."

We often receive such comments from our customers. We have been telling them that "this, this, and this is all you need" at the store, but that is difficult to do on a mail-order site.

So we have launched three new kits, which we would like to introduce to you!

Suede Shoes Maintenance Kit
[Contents: German horsehair brush, Edoya suede brush, THE SPRAY for Waterproof

This is the perfect kit to take care of your suede shoes. First, dust off dust and dirt with the horsehair brush. After that, use the suede brush to remove dirt and dust. By the way, this suede brush is hand-planted by Edoya, so it is a fine phosphor bronze brush that you would not believe it is a metal brush. It is safe to use on high quality soft suede.

Finally, waterproof the entire surface with THE SPRAY. It protects your shoes from rain and dirt with its super strong water repellency. It is colorless and can be used on any kind of shoes, and its large capacity of 420ml allows you to use a lot of it. It is a must-have item for the coming rainy season.

Mirror Finish Maintenance Kit
[Contents: Red Nel for Mirror Polish, THE CLEANER for Mirrorshine, THE WAX (colorless)]

This kit allows you to polish mirror finish with only this. Please prepare water.
THE WAX, essential for mirror polish, comes in NATURAL color, which can be used for any color of shoes, and a set of 4 flannel cloths, essential for mirror polish, is also included in the kit. Polishing cloths are very important, and not just any cloth will shine, so using the right one is an important shortcut to becoming a master of mirror polish.

And since waxing all the time is too thick, a cleaner to remove the film on the mirror surface is also included. It is used to remove the old wax layer before mirror polishing. It is also used when a thick layer of wax has been applied. Please wipe it off with an appropriate cloth, not with a red nail polish.

Smooth Leather Shoes Maintenance Kit
[Contents: stain removal cloth, THE CREAM (colorless), THE CLEANER (SOFT)]

The last kit is the basic care kit for smooth leather shoes. The cleaner is SOFT, so beginners can use it with ease. The ingredients are separated, so shake well before soaking a stain-removing cloth.

After wrapping it around your fingers to remove dirt from the entire shoe, nourish with THE CREAM, which is a NATURAL color so it can be used on any shoes and can be applied directly to your fingers since the color does not stick to your hands.

This cream is manufactured by a cosmetics company and is made with only ingredients used for human skin, so there is no need to worry about rough hands. Finally, wipe them dry again with a dirt-removing cloth and you are ready to go.

All three kits are packaged in a drawstring bag with the Brift H logo. All kits are priced at a slightly lower price than if you buy them individually.

After the fresh spring season comes the rainy season, the worst enemy of leather shoes, so why not take this opportunity to maintain your shoes?

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