This month's must-buy! Shoelace by Il MICHO

Il MICHO is highly acclaimed not only for its shoes but also for its overwhelming sense of style. We would like to introduce you to "the world's best-loved shoes" and shoelaces.

Have you ever heard of "il micio"? It is the brand of Mr. Hidetaka Fukaya, the first Japanese, or even the first Asian, bispoke shoemaker in Florence, who has his own workshop and makes artistic shoes.

Il MICCIO means "kitten" in Italian, and Mr. Fukaya, who loves cats, named the brand after his desire to pursue his own shoemaking with a free spirit and not flatter anyone like a cat. The stylish kitten logo has a unique presence among shoe manufacturers.

The shoes, which have been called "the most beautiful shoes in the world," are works of art in form, design, materials, and detailing, and I am often enchanted every time I polish them. The series of woven leather parts has become a new standard for fashionistas, and can be called a modern masterpiece.

In 2017, the company released 10 art pieces to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding, which created a great buzz. I (Hasegawa) had the honor of polishing all the pieces at the exhibition in Tokyo.

The idea was great, but the soul of the work, which did not forget the true spirit of the shoemaker, that these sculptures were actually made as "shoes," was mind-blowing. Moreover, the workmanship is so great that all the shoes are made as "shoes". Mr. Hidetaka Fukaya is more than a shoemaker, he is an artist.

Mr. Fukaya of il midcio has made the world's best shoelaces, and we are selling them here at our company. When we first received the laces from Mr. Fukaya, the first thing that impressed us was the tightly woven, fine-grained cotton laces. The laces are woven with a very fine thread, so they are very firm.

The beautifully coated wax on the laces gives them a high quality luster and makes them taut and supple. Thanks to this, the laces feel very soft to the touch when you put them through your shoes, and your hands are sure to be happy every time you tie them.

The product is available in five colors.
BLACK", "D,BROWN", "M,BROWN", "L,BROWN", and "BURGUNDY" all have beautiful colors and are calm shades that complement leather shoes. Especially, BURGUNDY is my personal favorite because of its uniquely cool and austere color.

The length is 70cm.
I think it is just right for shoes with 4-5 holes. I would recommend you to check the length of the laces of your shoes before purchasing.

And finally, this roll of paper. Isn't it cute? I wonder if they were made in Italy in the old days? The design and the quality of the paper are both cool and eye-catching. The design and paper quality are so cool that it makes my eyes go heart-to-heart. If you take it off, it will be nothing more, but you will want to keep it and put it in a bookmark of your book or somewhere else. In fact, I've stuck it on a paper box.

I think these tasteful shoelaces would make a great gift. You could even give a few as a set. A little difference makes a big difference. Please try the most beautiful shoelaces in the world.

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